John & Lauren Clark

Lauren and John Clark, began raising Longhorns in 2013. The original seven cows were purchased from CedarView Ranch, and they partnered with Todd McKnight in the ownership of FL Rio Maxine for the purpose of utilizing flushing on this great producer. On Todd’s advice they also hired Justin Rombeck as an advisor for their breeding choices and for assistance in Longhorn sales.
They purchased RC Pacific Mermaid in 2016. Mermaid is the ultimate cow with 5 over 80” offspring by the time she was five years old. The foundation herd now consists of three Casanova x FL Rio Maxine cows, four RC Pacific Mermaid heifer calves, two Mermaid bull calves for future use, and several exceptional two year olds. Buffalo Gap Longhorns is focused on producing the highest quality Longhorns possible with the focus being stacked genetics of top quality animals.