JBR Registered Longhorn Grass Fed Beef

JBR is proud to produce the leanest and healthiest meat leading the Food Industry’s Healthy Scale with the lowest Calories, Cholesterol and Fat. The JBR 100% Grass Fed label is a brand of beef from our Registered Longhorn Program.

JBR longhorns are raised on 100% lush Kansas grass and forage with humane handling, living conditions and quality pasture standards. We use no hormones, no steroids and no antibiotics to offer an all-natural healthy beef.

“Lean beef that’s 10% fat or less can be part of a heart healthy diet.” (Mayo Clinic)
· Less total fat
· More heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids. (Critical in Brain function, reducing Cancer, heart disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Arthritis.)
· Up to 5 times more conjugated linoleic acid than grain finished beef, (reduces the risk of cancer and the best source of CLA)
· Two times more Beta Carotene than grain fed beef.

We have one-pound packages of frozen Lean Ground Beef in inventory and take orders for locker beef. We can recommend local processors that we use, or we can arrange delivery to your location. JBR is proud to offer the ultimate beef directly from the ranch, know where your meal is from.

JBR is offering a 10% discount to all past and current military personnel on all locker beef purchased before November 30, 2018 as our way of saying thanks.