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I, Justin Rombeck, dba Longhorn Opportunities thank you for reviewing this page. I have been working as a breeder of Texas Longhorns for 17 years. I worked as ranch manager for 3 years before deciding to start Longhorn Opportunities. If gives me so much pride and excitement to help so many programs develop top tier programs and become industry leaders. Listed below are the areas I can help ranchers better their Longhorn operations.

Longhorn Opportunities provides the following consultation services:
  • Breeding decisions for cows on a one on one basis for that individual to increase her productivity as an ultimate brood cow.
  • Herd sire selection to develop a program for greater productivity and development. Identify females that will complement the herd sire to maximize profits.
  • Recommendations on eliminating animals that are not productive and profitable. Discussing animals that have physical flaws or temperament issues that are not desirable.
  • Develop herd health solutions to insure a healthy productive herd. This includes developing nutritional plans for the herd.
  • Develop a planned mating program for AI, ET, and IVF. This includes doing background checks on females to insure the profitability in the market place and for the breeding pen as the animals develop.
  • Commentary write-ups for sale catalogs and animals listed on your website.
  • Ranch photography (Priced separately)
All the consultation services listed above will be completed by the end of the one year contract. The fee for these consultation services will be picked from three different packages depending on the amount of involvement needed. Longhorn Opportunities will work with your ranch staff as requested to provide consulting services for your ranch only.

This contract does not include consultation services for ranch staff who are also engaged in the breeding of Longhorn cattle.
Ranch visits should be scheduled one month in advance.

Current Customers
  Terry & Sherry Adcock, Adcock Longhorns

TS Adcock Longhorns became a reality in 2006 when we nally quit talking and bought two bred heifers and a weanling heifer and began building a program tor breeding the all-around Longhorn using top, proven genetics. We make our living growing cotton four miles north of Lamesa, TX. But our passion is our kids, grandkids and Longhorns. The rest years were influenced by Boomerang C P when Terry went to Kansas to get a cow and, instead, came home With a Boomerang C P son. Right now we are using the genetics of Concealed Weapon and JP Rio Grande in two of our herd sires, TS Magni cent Ken and his son TS Lone Star 22/5, and the genetics of Cowboy Tuff Chex and JP Rio Grande in a third, TS Red River Tuff. 0ur bulls are young, but they are producing some outstanding offspring that we are really excited about. Terry and I enjoy being members of all three associations. We have made many wonderful friends since starting out in this business and have so many to thank for sharing their knowledge and expertise with us. It is an exciting time to be in the Longhorn business!

  Dr. Gene & Jolie Berry, Rockin B Longhorns

After a short time raising crossbred cows, Gene and Jolie moved to a pure Longhorn herd in 1981. Appreciating and enjoying the unique Longhorn traits, they became Lifetime TLBAA members and joined the Ark-La-Tex and Dixie Longhorn Af liate organizations. In 1989 they worked with other Ark-La-Tex members to help host the annual TLBAA convention in New Orleans and a subsequent Cow College 101 event in Ba- ton Rouge directed by Dr. Bob Kropp of OSU. Gene served as Ark-La-Tex Affiliate President and two terms on the TLBAA board. He just completed a term serving as rst Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee. Practicing medicine for 40 years, he recently retired from his career as a heart surgeon.

  John & Lauren Clark, Buffalo Gap Longhorns

Lauren and John Clark, began raising Longhorns in 2013. The original seven cows were purchased from CedarView Ranch, and they partnered with Todd McKnight in the ownership of FL Rio Maxine for the purpose of utilizing flushing on this great producer. On Todd’s advice they also hired Justin Rombeck as an advisor for their breeding choices and for assistance in Longhorn sales.
They purchased RC Pacific Mermaid in 2016. Mermaid is the ultimate cow with 5 over 80” offspring by the time she was five years old. The foundation herd now consists of three Casanova x FL Rio Maxine cows, four RC Pacific Mermaid heifer calves, two Mermaid bull calves for future use, and several exceptional two year olds. Buffalo Gap Longhorns is focused on producing the highest quality Longhorns possible with the focus being stacked genetics of top quality animals.

  Rusty & JoAnne Clark, J Bar J Longhorns

After 25 years in the marine business on beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, I retired. It didn’t take long to realize I needed to nd another passion. Drawing on my curiosity and fascination for majestic Texas Longhorn cattle, I started out cautiously by purchasing a steer named Buddy. We fell in love with Buddy and knew he needed friends if he was going to be happy in his new home. We were referred to Oren O’Dell who helped us with our next purchase of four heifers and a bull. A new chapter was written and J Bar J Long- horns was conceived. We are breeding for the total package animals with deep pedigree’s. We utilized LLL Maxamillion for four breeding seasons, and are currently using Cowboy Casanova Pride to take us to the next level.

  Todd & Amanda Danley, ANB Ranch

ANB is a family owned and operated ranch. Each one of us enjoys spending time with the cattle and the time spent as a family. Todd is self employed and owns & operates a crop insurance agency with his father in Seminole. Amanda is a teacher at Seminole ISD and has taught Pre-K for the past 13 years. Sarah and TJ help as much as they can at the ranch and fight over the name of each new calf. We started out with two cows from Rocking O in Lockhart and our herd has grown from there. Although we are new to the breed it is our goal to grow our herd with the best quality Longhorns we can by focusing on conformation, horn, color and disposition. We are proud to have King Cowboy as our herd sire out of Cowboy Chex and Hubbell’s Queen Blade. He has a ton of horn, great coloring, huge body and great temperament.

  Alex Dees, CR Longhorns

Welcome to CR Longhorn Ranch, where Alexandra Dees is striving to raise quality registered Texas Long- horns in Harper, Oregon. We want quality animals that can handle a harsh winter. We want females with perfect structure that can handle rough terrain, as well as strong emphasis on horn, color, milk, and fleshing ability. We have used sons of industry leading females that are loaded with maternal power. The baseline for the past few years has been Archer Texa and Concealed Weapon. The daughters they have given us are invaluable.

  Richard & Jeanne Filip, Bentwood Ranch

Since entering the Longhorn business in 2000, Richard and Jeanne have been major players in the industry and their breeding program has produced some of the nest Longhorns in the business. A partner in CV Cowboy Casanova, his offspring have set sales records. The Filips recently acquired Cowboy Tuff Chex, Guinness Record holder for the longest tip-to-tip bull at 101”. The Filips also own M Arrow Cha-Ching, the longest total horn cow in the industry at 129” total. Their herd has six over 90” TTT cows and twenty-three cows over 80” TTT. Richard was 2014 Millennium Futurity Exhibitor of the year and 2017 TL- BAA breeder of the year. Through an aggressive embryo program, the Filips continue to produce genetic crosses which produce color, conformation, milking ability, and awesome horn growth.

  Pat & Janet Gleason, Big Valley Longhorns

We are a 3rd generation farm and working cattle operation located in central Kansas. Today we carry on the same farm and ranching traditions as our great-grandparents did on the exact same land. Our program is focused on betterment of the breed and raising total package animals. Janet enjoys visiting about Longhorns and also attending sales and events. You can reach Janet at 620-804-0324 anytime or email her at janetkeller@wildblue.net.

  Keith & Marsha Hagler, Hagler Longhorns

Keith and Marcia Hagler are owners of Taylor Auto Credit pre-owned car dealerships, Loanco Inc. and Hagler Investments. All located in and around Taylor, Texas. They have 2 daughters and live on Hagler Ranch just outside of Taylor. They fell in love with the Longhorn breed back in 2008, but the last few years have really been trying to build a breeding program of sound genetics.

  Kent & Sandy Harrell, Harrell Ranch At Harrell Ranch we are committed to developing and breeding the best Texas Longhorn cattle possible. We have used the top bulls in the breed, mated to outstanding females to produce a consistent quality product. While we love long horns, we breed for the total package, never overlooking conformation, color, size, maternal traits and traditional Longhorn attributes. It takes time to develop the standard we set for ourselves and we have been methodically working on our program for almost 30 years. We love this breed, value their unique qualities and are excited about their future and our own.
  Tucker & Carrie Hilbert, Rockin Hil Longhorns

Our family is very excited about becoming part of the Longhorn community and developing new relationships. We are excited about our genetics and the colorful, long-horned animals to come! If you’re passing through feel free to call and visit our ranch.

  Tim & Nikole Clark, Clark's Ranch Tim and Nikole Clark established Clark's Ranch in 2014 and are based out of Roseburg, OR, which is in the heart of the Umpqua Valley in Douglas County Oregon. It wasn't until February 2018 that we ventured into the Texas Longhorn cattle breed, and it didn’t take long for us to become addicted to these beautiful animals. We have only been engaged with the Texas Longhorn Community for a short time; however, everyone we meet is happy to help in any way possible. We have appreciated their knowledge and dedication to the breed, and we look forward to growing our ranch and increasing genetics throughout the years to come. Our gate is always open for longhorn lovers to visit our ranch, and we hope you’ll stop by for a tour.
Todd & Kelli McKnight, CedarView Ranch

In 2001, Kelli and Todd McKnight’s Longhorn journey began with a tiny herd of 3. They named their ranch CedarView. Through on-the-job training, trial and error, Todd and Kelli, along with their 3 children, fell in love with the care and raising of this wonderful breed of cattle. With the assistance of Longhorn Opportunities for the past 13 years, their program is producing Longhorns with a fantastic combination of pedigree, horn, conformation, disposition, color, predictability, and consistency.
CedarView Ranch utilizes (ET), (AI), and exceptional herd sires for natural breeding. They raised and used CV Cowboy Casanova for many years, which has now produced the next generation of elite heifers. They have also produced some of the top bulls in the industry such as CV Casanovas Magnum, Tuff Stuff, and CV Call of Duty. Raising Registered Texas Longhorns has become not only a business but an enjoyable hobby for the McKnight family. They are constantly reminded through their cattle of God’s power, incredible creativity and abundant blessings.

Pat, Mike & Nick Mills, Pecan Creek Longhorns

Pecan  Creek Longhorns was established in 2015 by Mike and Pat Mills, and their sons Nick and Lance. Born and raised in Taylor Texas, a small agriculture rich community NE of Austin, it came as no surprise to Pat when Mike told her he was interested in raising Longhorns. Soon after, that dream became a reality and a family partnership was formed. After receiving recommendations from friends in the business, Pecan Creek Longhorns decided on developing their herd with registered Longhorns because of their unique qualities and highly sought-after breed recognition. Their goal is simple: build a solid, reputable program from the ground up, from some of the most complete animals in the industry, that anyone would be proud to own.

Nick and Shiloh Noyes, Running N Longhorns

We started with Longhorns in 2011 as a hobby because I thought they were so unique. Shilo and I have three daughters Allison, Kylee and Reagan who all help with the cattle when needed. We are now focused on raising a Longhorn that has size, color and horn. Paci c Cowboy 40 has been a game changer for our program, his heifers are looking great.

Scott & Amelia Picker, A&S Land and Cattle

A&S Land and Cattle is located in the heart of Oregon’s wine country. Scott and Amelia Picker are coming into their 6th year of raising Longhorn cattle and they are still as enthusiastic as the day they started. Scott does most of the day-to-day, Amelia is the vet, Carson (16) feeds and Emily (14) does the halter breaking. It is truly a family effort and well worth it. 2017 accomplishments included Grand Champion Mature Female and Grand Champion Heifer at the Deschutes County Fair. The Picker Family is well into their Longhorn addiction and looks forward to working with the breed for years to come.

Cliff & Elizabeth Schroeder, Lone Star Ranch and Cattle

We recently retired and bought some acreage outside of Whitesboro. We’ve always thought it would be cool to have Texas Longhorns. Being very new to the industry, our first purchase 2 1/2 years ago was basically “yard art”. We’ve throughly enjoyed having them and watching the herd grow. In the past year, we’ve gone to some auctions and seminars. After learning more, we realized we wanted to breed quality cattle to make this more than a hobby. We are now in the process of selling some of our original herd, keeping some for embryo recip, and purchasing cows with quality bloodlines.

Chad and Janell Smith, Smith Longhorns

Chad, Janell, Rope, Bailey, and Cinch Smith of Killdeer, ND had been raising longhorns for years, when we decided to pursue a different avenue and raise quality Longhorns with a focus on the total package – horns, conformation, and color. Through the help of modern technology, we have been able to build a program with quality genetics.

Brad & Michelle Spray, Crooked Horn Ranch

Brad & Michelle Spray live in rural Sharon, OK with their two children Tayler, 7, and Ridge, 1. Brad is co-owner in a construction business and Michelle is a procurement specialist for a chemical manufacturing plant. After losing twin boys in 2015, God helped us with the loss by bringing us to the Texas Longhorns. We have since developed a passion for them. Brad is an avid hunter and travels to Colorado and Kansas for elk, mule deer and whitetail deer hunting. The cattle have become something the whole family can enjoy. Last year, they named the ranch after one of the rst four Longhorn cows they purchased. The ranch now consists of 20 head of Longhorn cows and a handful of angus-cross cows. They are excited for what the future holds in the industry, meeting other enthusiasts, and building a stronger total package herd.

   Tim & Nikole Clark