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I, Justin Rombeck, dba Longhorn Opportunities thank you for reviewing this page. I have been working as a breeder of Texas Longhorns for 22 years. I worked as ranch manager for 3 years before deciding to start Longhorn Opportunities. If gives me so much pride and excitement to help so many programs develop top tier programs and become industry leaders. Listed below are the areas I can help ranchers better their Longhorn operations.

Longhorn Opportunities provides the following consultation services:
  • Breeding decisions for cows on a one on one basis for that individual to increase her productivity as an ultimate brood cow.
  • Herd sire selection to develop a program for greater productivity and development. Identify females that will complement the herd sire to maximize profits.
  • Recommendations on eliminating animals that are not productive and profitable. Discussing animals that have physical flaws or temperament issues that are not desirable.
  • Develop herd health solutions to insure a healthy productive herd. This includes developing nutritional plans for the herd.
  • Develop a planned mating program for AI, ET, and IVF. This includes doing background checks on females to insure the profitability in the market place and for the breeding pen as the animals develop.
  • Commentary write-ups for sale catalogs and animals listed on your website.
  • Ranch photography (Priced separately)
All the consultation services listed above will be completed by the end of the one year contract. The fee for these consultation services will be picked from three different packages depending on the amount of involvement needed. Longhorn Opportunities will work with your ranch staff as requested to provide consulting services for your ranch only.

This contract does not include consultation services for ranch staff who are also engaged in the breeding of Longhorn cattle.
Ranch visits should be scheduled one month in advance.

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